Kelley Katz

Adorable Persian/Himalayans kittens for Sale - Richmond, VA

About the Breeder

Kelley Katz is a small closed, smoke-free CFA registered cattery located just south of Richmond and north of Petersburg, VA.  My cats are my passion and four legged friends with wings.  They are raised with love in a clean environment in my home as part of the family.  I do expect the same in the homes in which they are placed. 

I have always shared my life with cats as a child and a lover of all animals.  My mom will test to the fact, I was always bringing home something.  Her foot went down when she came home and found two baby ducks swimming in the tub.  Upon relocating from Clearwater, Florida where I was a breeder of Exotic Birds to adopting a Blue Female Persian from the Dinwiddie Animal Shelter just before they were about to put her down in 1996.  I took her home, cleaned her up, took her to the vet and nursed her back to health.  She spent a good 6-8 months with me before she passed in her sleep, it was then I decided I wanted to be apart of this wonderful breed.

I started raising Persians in 2003 and have since branched out to include the Himalayan lines with the desire to show.  My focus is raising healthy, happy, well socialized kittens with emphasis on meeting the CFA Standards.  I am proud to say Kelley Katz is 100% Felv/Fiv & PKD DNA negative tested cattery I am now venturing into the Chocolate & Lilac program to further my knowledge in the gene pool.  The lines I'm currently working with are Behimar, Careyatas, Emishimi, Jude, Karabels, Lake Hyco, Prancenpaws, Teahs, & T. Renns. With the quality of the current cats here at Kelley Katz, I am now producing breeder and show quality kittens along with a few pets. 

 A special thanks to Judy Harper of Jude Cattery for the awesome boy she has provided to enhance my Chocolate program, he has done everything she said he would for my program and Jeanne O'Donnell for her mentorship.  Thank you both for sharing your knowledge & guidance.  God Bless you!

Please browse the site and meet the beautiful cats of Kelley Katz, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to inquire on an available kitten.  Please note that all deposits are taken in 'good faith' and non-refundable if one chooses to change their mind. This may cause a loss of sale and deprive another family of an adoption they so patiently waited for. My breeders will eventually retire and become available to be a part of a new and warm loving family so if you think you may be a fit for their retirement please keep check on the available page for these updates.  If you wish to be contacted, shoot me an email at!


 Thanks again for considering Kelley Katz!