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Thanks to Jody Lawson of Spooner, WI who purchased a Flame Point Breeder
male (Chester) from me last year, Kelley Katz has their first Grand!  Many thanks to her and all her efforts in attaining this goal. 

CFA - Kelley Katz Wynn Chester

ACFA - Wynn Chester of Cat Creek - Granded

23rd Annual CWCC Fall Cat Show

August 17-18, 2013, Wausau, Wisconsin


After a few weeks of following some tips given by Virginia King, the next show he was in, Chester placed in 5 finals out of 8. 

12/29-30/2012 in Madison

I was at a cat show with Chester in Madison this past weekend where we had some pretty good competition. While my boys didn't take any top 10 finishes, Chester took a Best of Breed and 2 Second Best of Breed

Chester did really well at the last show he was at. He placed in the top 10 in 1 ring.


Chester did well at the show. He got best of breed 3 out of 4 rings. He took 8th best kitten in one ring. I felt that was great out if 40 kittens. Our next show is on the 23rd. He is so enjoyable. Wasn't very nervous even on the show stand.